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What effect does dry matter of liquid feed have on FCR and growth rate? Wednesday, 16 February 2011
Does glucose break up colostrum? Tuesday, 15 February 2011
I am trying to develop a mix of yoghurt, glucose and acidifier to give my piglets as a scour reducer? Tuesday, 15 February 2011
Can you clarify whether or not you can feed raw potatoes to pigs please, I thought that the tryptophan they contain harms them? Thursday, 15 October 2009
My water meter is giving a very high reading for water output; averaging well over 10 gallons per day per sow. I believe I have a water leak but just to make sure how much should sows be drinking per day? Thursday, 26 March 2009
I run a small pig enterprise alongside beef and sheep enterprises. Can I feed maize silage, crimped maize or crimped field beans to growing and finishing pigs? If yes, what other ingredients should I be including in the diet, to provide protein and minerals? The pigs are purebred Middle Whites. Monday, 29 December 2008
I have very little experience of pig production and would like some information on the possibility of finishing pigs on potatoes. I have approximately 4 acres of potatoes that have not been harvested and I am considering the possibility of letting some pigs into the field to make use of the crop. I would appreciate any advice you could give me regarding additional nutritional requirements, batch sizes, breeds, shelters and any other practical and husbandry issues. Thursday, 20 November 2008
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