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Bacon Knocks 'Em For A Four
Sunday, 9 November 2008
Bacon sales hit a high last week - just as the World Cancer Research Fund was urging people to cut down saying it was a potential cancer risk.
Labouring For More Skilled Workforce
Friday, 23 May 2008
Feed is often seen as having the greatest impact on the profitability of a pig unit - but surely labour is far more important!
Push to Regain Meat Exports Beyond EU - 21 December 2007
Friday, 21 December 2007
The hard work started this week in order to regain markets worth £70 million a year, lost because of bans imposed during the foot and mouth disease outbreak.
Push to Regain Meat Exports Beyond EU - 21 December 2007
Friday, 21 December 2007
The hard work started this week in order to regain markets worth £70 million a year, lost because of bans imposed during the foot and mouth disease outbreak
Computer Model For Pig Producers - 7 November 2007
Wednesday, 7 November 2007
Changing one thing on a pig unit can have unexpected results in other areas but now a Breeding Herd Calculator has been developed by the British Pig Executive (BPEX) to help tackle this.
A Passionate Belief in Training - 31 October 2007
Wednesday, 31 October 2007
This year's winner of the pig industry's prestigious David Black Award is a man with a passionate belief in training.
Move To Suspend Pig Levy - 25 October 2007
Thursday, 25 October 2007
With the British pig industry facing a crisis from rocketing feed prices, the British Pig Executive (BPEX) has launched a major campaign to improve returns to producers.
Save Money on Cull Sow Feed - 23 October 2007
Tuesday, 23 October 2007
The relaxation of animal disease restrictions will help pig farmers struggling with ever-increasing numbers of cull sows, but there is still a large backlog to clear.
Cash Grants For Pig Development - 19 October 2007
Friday, 19 October 2007
New ideas are the lifeblood of the pig industry and to develop them, the British Pig Executive (BPEX) is putting its money where its mouth is.
Answers To A Weighty Pig Problem - 4 October 2007
Thursday, 4 October 2007
With feed costs rocketing pig producers are asking themselves how best to minimise the effects.
Pig Industry Goes To Europe - 4 October 2007
Thursday, 4 October 2007
News of the easing of export restrictions adds new impetus to the British Pig Executive's (BPEX) moves to keep the lines of communication open with Europe.
Pig Meat Export Ban Eased - 3 October 2007
Wednesday, 3 October 2007
News that exports of pig meat can restart from parts of the UK is a small step on the road back to normality says the British Pig Executive (BPEX).
Global Threat to Pork Industry - 27 September 2007
Thursday, 27 September 2007
Pork producers across the world, including the British Pig Executive (BPEX), have joined forces to tackle the threat to the industry posed by rocketing feed prices.
I'm Backing British Pig Producers - 21 September 2007
Friday, 21 September 2007
Award-winning sausage maker John Langford is throwing is weight behind the campaign to get a fair return for British pig producers.
Pork - We'll Pay More Say Shoppers - 11 September 2007
Tuesday, 11 September 2007
British consumers have said 'yes' to digging a bit deeper into their pockets to help secure the future of quality British pork supplies according to a survey published today. The pig industry is facing meltdown with feed prices doubling yet only a modest increase in the retail price could pull the industry back from the brink.
Pig Industry Losses Unsustainable - 4 September 2007
Tuesday, 4 September 2007
Britain’s pig farmers and processors today launched a major campaign to persuade supermarkets and foodservice outlets to pay them a higher price for pork, sausages, bacon and ham to cover growing losses.
Minister In Talks To Help Pig Industry - 23 August 2007
Thursday, 23 August 2007
Sustainable supply chains are the key to tackling the economic threats to the British pig industry says British Pig Executive (BPEX) Chairman Stewart Houston.
EU Pig Export Ban Lifted - 23 August 2007
Thursday, 23 August 2007
News of the re-opening of export markets in the EU to British pig meat will give the industry a much-needed boost says the British Pig Executive (BPEX). Before the outbreak of foot and mouth disease, exports to the EU were worth almost £150 million a year.
British Pig Meat Supplies Re-Start - 8 August 2007
Wednesday, 8 August 2007
The announcement that licensed movement of pigs in England and Wales from farm direct to abattoir will be permitted from Midnight, Wed 8 August, was greeted as fantastic news by British Pig Executive Chief Executive Mick Sloyan.
Making Pork Even Tastier - 2 August 2007
Thursday, 2 August 2007
Pork is still something of the 'Cinderella' meat in the catering world but that is being addressed at the annual Skills For Chefs Conference run by the British Pig Executive (BPEX).
All You Ever Wanted To Know.... - 1 August 2007
Wednesday, 1 August 2007
The UK meat industry in figures, from farm to fork is a major new publication from the Meat and Livestock Commission economics.
Biofuels = More Livestock Feed - 27 July 2007
Friday, 27 July 2007
The growth in the domestic biofuels industry could be a blessing in disguise for livestock production in the UK. Much has been made of rising animal feed costs, partly driven by demand from the emerging industry, but co-products from that same industry could be used as animal feed.
Rising Feed Prices Hit Pig Industry - 27 July 2007
Friday, 27 July 2007
Rising feed prices are hitting the British pig industry badly with increases so far this year equating to a 16 per cent rise in costs of production - based on latest July figures.
Food For Thought on Rising Costs - 26 July 2007
Thursday, 26 July 2007
Red Meat Industry Forum (RMIF) and Agrosoft have launched a booklet to help pig producers reduce the impact of increasing feed costs. The collaborative publication will help producers understand the relationship between management strategy and financial response.
Stotfold Pig Unit Closes - 12 July 2007
Thursday, 12 July 2007
The British pig industry owes a huge debt of gratitude to its centre of research and development at Stotfold. The UK pig industries Development Unit, just outside Stotfold in Bedfordshire was opened by Lord Belstead, Minister of State (Lords), Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Foods in November 1984.
Seeking Super Pig Man (or Woman) - 2 July 2007
Monday, 2 July 2007
The annual search is under way for somebody whose commitment to the British pig industry needs to be recognised and honoured by their peers.
British Pigs Booming In Russia - 25 June 2007
Monday, 25 June 2007
Business is booming for British pig breeding stock at a major Russian agricultural show.
Honour For Former BPEX Chairman - 18 June 2007
Monday, 18 June 2007
Former Chairman of the British Pig Executive Richard Campbell JP has received an OBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours list.
Honour For BPEX Chairman - 18 June 2007
Monday, 18 June 2007
British Pig Executive (BPEX) Chairman Stewart Houston has been awarded a CBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours for services to the pig industry.
Honour For Frances Slade - 15 June 2007
Friday, 15 June 2007
PIG industry stalwart Frances Slade has received an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List for service to the pig industry.
Health is Key to Competitiveness - 14 June 2007
Thursday, 14 June 2007
Nothing is so good it can't be improved and with that in mind the British Pig Executive (BPEX) is looking at ways of improving the British Pig Health Scheme (BPHS).
Meat Industry Can Figure It Out - 12 June 2007
Tuesday, 12 June 2007
If knowledge is power then there's plenty of power in the latest edition of A Pocketful of Meat Facts.
Greater Value For Farm Assurance - 7 June 2007
Thursday, 7 June 2007
News that farm assured pig farmers are facing a reduced level of statutory inspections for food safety and hygiene, is a major fillip to the pig industry says the British Pig Executive (BPEX).
Having A Butchers At A Pig Unit - 30 May 2007
Wednesday, 30 May 2007
There's no substitute for first-hand experience but few catering butchers have ever been on to a pig unit to see what happens themselves. To start putting that right, the British Pig Executive (BPEX) took a group on a farm tour to show how free range pigs are produced and the benefits in supplying premium assured pork to customers.
Responding To The Need For Change - 24 May 2007
Thursday, 24 May 2007
Each year brings new challenges for the British pig industry and new ways of meeting those challenges. Over the last 12 months the industry tackled a ban on antibiotic growth promoters, IPPC legislation, climate change and carbon footprints, placed greater emphasis on herd health and feed prices are rising.
The Year of The Pig - Yearbook! - 10 May 2007
Thursday, 10 May 2007
Profitability in the pig industry is based on making the right decisions and they must be based on the right information. That's where the Pig Yearbook 2007 comes in as the authoritative source of a whole range of information on which to base business decisions.
Clear Idea Of A Good Meal - 3 May 2007
Thursday, 3 May 2007
Visitors to a major British pub chain can not only enjoy a good meal but also be sure where their food has come from. The chain has become one of the first to introduce menu transparency and has also adopted the British Pig Executive (BPEX) Quality Standard Mark for its pork. It has more than 150 outlets in the country and they have all adopted both menu transparency and the QSM.
Slice of the Pie(s) For Everybody - 2 May 2007
Wednesday, 2 May 2007
The word environment can be enough to strike terror into the heart of a pig producer, but it need not be. If the industry works with policy-makers and regulators it should lead to less red tape, fewer inspections, premiums for 'green' products and lower energy and water costs.
Wondrous World of the Web - 25 April 2007
Wednesday, 25 April 2007
The virtual world has proved a huge hit for the British Pig Executive (BPEX) averaging more than 20,000 visitors to its website each month over the last financial year - up from 13,000 a month the previous year, a rise of 56 per cent.
British Bacon Butty Goes Up-Market - 11 April 2007
Wednesday, 11 April 2007
The great bacon butty is moving upmarket as more and more people turn to added value sarnies according to the British Pig Executive (BPEX).
Pig Producers Cautious View - 12 February 2007
Monday, 12 March 2007
Producers are taking a cautious view of the future according to the first confidence survey conducted by the British Pig Executive (BPEX). However, the rest of the industry has a more positive outlook.
Pork Campaign Packs Major Punch - 2 March 2007
Friday, 2 March 2007
More than 100 million on-pack stickers promoting the Quality Standard Mark for pork will be appearing in supermarkets across the country. The stickers are part of the Love QSM Pork campaign currently being run by the British Pig Executive (BPEX).
New Faces At BPEX - 16 February 2007
Friday, 16 February 2007
Two new faces have joined the ranks of the British Pig Executive (BPEX) with the aim of helping producers help themselves.
Consistently Seeking Quality Pork - 15 February 2007
Thursday, 15 February 2007
Keeping costs down is only one half of the pig production equation - if the meat quality is not good enough it won't be popular.
Singing The Praises of Pork - 13 February 2007
Tuesday, 13 February 2007
The sizzle of succulent pork is music to the ears and that theme has been picked up as part of a £500,000 Love QSM Pork advertising campaign.
Learning The Language Of Pigs - 7 February 2007
Wednesday, 7 February 2007
With more and more workers coming in from eastern Europe, the scope for misunderstanding and unnecessary problems is great.
Retailers Telling Fewer Porkies - 6 February 2007
Tuesday, 6 February 2007
Retailers have been given a pat on the back by the British Pig Executive (BPEX) after a check-up on how they labelled their Christmas gammon.
Showcase The Very Best Of Pork - 1 February 2007
Thursday, 1 February 2007
Dozens of succulent, tasty innovative ideas for using pork have come into the spotlight as entries for a new competition flood in.
Oz Opens Doors To British Pork - 31 January 2007
Wednesday, 31 January 2007
The doors to a new big market have been open to British pig producers with approval to export to Australia.
Pigging Out on Pork at Christmas - 23 January 2007
Tuesday, 23 January 2007
When the Christmas turkey has been finished, people start looking for different meats and more and more are turning to pork to satisfy the family says the British Pig Executive (BPEX). Christmas is traditionally an important time for pork and this year has been no exception.
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