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Should I use lime wash as part of my C&D programme?
Tuesday, 15 February 2011
Lime wash is cheap and cheerful and good for making surfaces smoother e.g. where concrete is beginning to pit. It has some antimicrobial action, but you need to thoroughly clean AND disinfect before applying. Once applied it must dry for at least 48 hours.
Could you tell me what the recommended stocking density is for pigs kept outdoors to a weight of 40 - 90 kg? I understand that the stocking density for sows is an average of 25 sows per hectare.
Wednesday, 10 November 2010
You are correct with the stocking density you quote for outdoor sows, although this is based on welfare grounds and free draining soils. The rate would need to be reduced on poorly draining soils liable to poaching or areas of high rainfall.
I was interested to see the picture of the matting in the gateway of Plantation Pigs farm in the BPEX case study featured in this month's Pig World (Oct 09). Any idea where I can get the matting? I thought we might try some in parts of our service tents, as well as gateways.
Thursday, 15 October 2009
The company where Plantation Pigs got their matting from is called ATF Supplies, Andover (Tel: 01264 366211), but there are bound to be other suppliers around the country who would be able to supply a similar product.
We are building a new finishing house with a straw bedding, please could you suggest what fall we need to lay the floor at so that it drains away from the bedding? The pen will be 7m long. We will also put in a new loading ramp, are there any rules we need to follow?
Thursday, 10 September 2009
In order to maintain dry beds floors typically slope away from the lying area with a fall of 1:40. Thus for a pen 7.0m long there will be a difference of 0.18m (75/16") between the two ends.

Regarding loading ramps the assurance scheme standards are as follow:

A ramp angle of no more than 20 is permitted.
It is permitted to make a step at the top of the ramp of up to 20 cm to reduce the ramp angle though this is not recommended.
I have recently made the decision to convert my scrape through grower house to partially slatted.
Monday, 16 March 2009
The dung passage will be converted to slats but keeping the original solid/straw lying area in kennels. Currently we have solid gates between pens, should I keep these solid or turn them to standard barred gates. Is there any benefit from pigs seeing each other?
I am producing some costings for a farmer to cover his lagoon, and find your document looking at the practicalities of different types of cover very useful. I was wondering whether you have any average costs available for each option, or know a source of such information that you could send to me?
Thursday, 23 October 2008
It is very difficult to put a cost on the different covering options as not only the type of cover, but the size and shape of the lagoon, ease of installation all influence the outcome, to make matters worse the exchange rate against the Euro will also have an impact along with the cost of oil for the synthetic types. I suggest that you are best speaking to the suppliers.
Tanlake Farm and Machinery are probably the most experienced at installing floating synthetic covers in the UK and have done a couple up in the Banff area. One difficulty with these is the lagoon has to be completely cleaned out and emptied before installation.
If you would like to discuss this in more detail contact Nigel Penlington: 01908 844276