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Producer KT - conferences
Producer Conferences 2013
Thursday, 21 November 2013
Regional programmes
DISS programme (378.81KB)
Kidderminster programme (373.28KB)
Newbury programme (393.11KB)
Wetherby programme (379.53KB)
Producer Conferences 2013
Friday, 15 November 2013
Download the presentation from the producer conferences.
David Chennells (3.78MB)
Dr Grant Walling and Nigel Pritchard (1.77MB)
John Richardson - Indoor (1.25MB)
John Richardson - Outdoor (2.33MB)
Malcolm Knowles (3.20MB)
Martin Baker (4.98MB)
Matthew Curtis (2.21MB)
Richard Lister (4.99MB)
Robert Battersby (5.33MB)
Robin Brice and John Theobold (4.18MB)
Sam Gilliot (4.03MB)
Saskia Bloemhof (6.37MB)
Simon Watchorn (2.01MB)
Sylviane Boulot (1.63MB)
Tim Blanchard (2.54MB)